Our story

cikoh LLC was established in 2004 as a family business.

cikoh is a diversified cooperation with a merit

of being a pioneer in all its segments, including and not limited to :

  1. Local Trading & Supply
  2. Import & Export
  3. Logistics

We consistently strive to sustain a high level of efficiency and productivity mainly through learning, sharing, and implementing best practices. This comes in addition to the vast skill set used in delivering our services.

Why choose cikoh

Our People
Our main investment is our people; we strive to hire and retain the most qualified personnel available and to maximize their opportunities for success through training and development.
Customer Preferences
Success is measured through attaining our KPIs and our ability to constantly cater to the ever changing customer preferences. We commit to be innovative and responsive, while offering high quality services at competitive prices.
Trust & Commitment
Since 2004 ,cikoh has provided trust ,commitment and support to its customers through its diversified business platform.